If you are planning a romantic Paris trip, then at this time the most important question which is blinking in your mind is - When to plan the trip? This is really a vital question because as per the weather, the beauty of the place changes and as per your desire of exploring the place you should plan your trip. If you do not have a clear idea about the climate of Paris in different months of a year, then you should research on this seriously and then you should plan your dream tour. From this guide you can surely gain a clear idea about the climate of Paris and other limitations that will help you to get a lifetime experience.

Spring time of Paris

In Paris the busiest time of the year is spring time. This is a time when you can feel that love is in the air, if you are planning a romantic tour then you should choose this time. In the months April, May and June you will get this splendid weather. At this time the weather will not too cold or not too hot. But you have to do early booking processes to avoid the huge rush because tourists from all over the world, mostly choose this time as the travel time. In this time the temperatures roam in between 40 to 60 degrees and you can experience a bit afternoon rain. You can visit events like- Foire du Trone, VE Day, International Marathon of Paris, and French Open Tennis Championship.

Summer time of Paris

You can enjoy the true Parisian atmosphere in the summer time. At this time the whole city is full of Parisians because at this time they enjoy their summer vacation. In the summer time the weather is really very hot in Paris, especially for kids and older people it can create challenges, but there are various activities you can enjoy at this time, like -Fete de St-Denis, Fete de la Musique, Bastille Day and Tour de France. In this time the length of daytime will last for very long, till 9p.m you can see the light. The average temperature you can see 70s, which is really hot.

Autumn time of Paris

Autumn time is the perfect time to visit this fashion city. This time the atmosphere is becoming shorter and cooler, it is seen that in the late September the hotels offer you moderate rates. The average temperature can roam in between 40s to 60s, so when you pack keep in mind that you should take fashionable but warm jackets. Various fashion events like International Ready-to-Wear Fashion Shows and other activities like Armistice Day, Fete d'Automne and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, you can enjoy at this time. You can also visit the romantic Eiffel tower, the thrilling Catacombs of Paris to explore the real flavor of Paris tour.

Winter time in Paris

Winter time is not that much bad to visit this romantic city, but at this time you cannot enjoy the outdoor activities because the days are too short and the weather is very much colder. If you are thinking to visit Paris in Winter then you can save money on flights and hotels, because due to this defy cold season the rush of tourists become very less. But you can visit Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, Palace of Versaille and Sainte Chapelle and also attend events like- Le Salon Nautique de Paris.

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