Weather Forecast Bordeaux France

Friday, 06


Max: 15°C

Min: 2°C

Saturday, 07


Max: 20°C

Min: 3°C

Sunday, 08


Max: 19°C

Min: 5°C

Climate for Bordeaux

Average Weather in Bordeaux for October

24 Days
N/A 6 Days
Sunny 1 Days
Avg High temperature 30 °C / 86 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 6 °C / 42.8 °F
Cloud Cover 34%
Avg Humidity 61%
Avg Wind speed 14 km/h
In a typical October month in Bordeaux, the average high temperatures decrease from 23°C to 17°C, while the average daily low temperatures decrease from 12°C to 8°C. As the month progresses, the probability for some kind of precipitation increases proportionally. Throughout the month, light and moderate rains are the most common form of precipitations.  The average relative humidity is almost between 50% and 97%, occasionally dropping below 38%.

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