Weather Forecast Paris France

Friday, 27

P Cloudy

Max: 8°C

Min: 0°C

Saturday, 28

PM Lgt Rain

Max: 9°C

Min: 7°C

Sunday, 01

AM Lgt Rain

Max: 11°C

Min: 7°C

Climate for Paris

Average Weather in Paris for February

Sunny 9 Days
Partly Cloudy 6 Days
Cloudy 3 Days
Patchy light drizzle 3 Days
Avg High temperature 13 °C / 55.4 °F
Avg Coldest temperature -6 °C / 21.2 °F
Cloud Cover 63%
Avg Humidity 76%
Avg Wind speed 22 km/h
February in France is characterized with rather higher temperatures than in January. The maximum day temperature is around 7°C, while the minimum night temperature tends to float around 1°C. Over the course of this month, there are 14 days of rain, averaging 46 mm of rainfall. February has 3 hours of sunshine per day and relative humidity lies in comfort ranges. UV index maximum is set at 2. Snowfall is common only for the higher places, while moderate rain is the most common form of precipitation.

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