Weather Forecast Marseille France

Tuesday, 16

M Sunny

Max: 26°C

Min: 18°C

Wednesday, 17

P Cldy/Wind

Max: 25°C

Min: 19°C

Thursday, 18

P Cloudy

Max: 26°C

Min: 18°C

Climate for Marseille

Average Weather in Marseille for April

Sunny 17 Days
Partly Cloudy 9 Days
Light rain shower 1 Days
Patchy light rain in area with thunder 1 Days
Avg High temperature 24 °C / 75.2 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 3 °C / 37.4 °F
Cloud Cover 36%
Avg Humidity 60%
Avg Wind speed 20 km/h
April in Marseille is always special, words often heard by locals. Even that it sounds bit like cliché the truth is that spring brings a lot more to Marseille than in any other part of France. Daily highs range from 13°C to 16°C, throughout the month. At the same time the daily lows vary from 5°C to 7°C. Throughout April, the probability for precipitation is around 54% and relative humidity is between 54% and 97%.

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