Weather Forecast Paris France

Monday, 02


Max: 7°C

Min: 6°C

Tuesday, 03

P Cloudy

Max: 10°C

Min: 3°C

Wednesday, 04

PM Showers

Max: 11°C

Min: 1°C

Climate for Paris

Average Weather in Paris for February

28 Days
Avg High temperature 13 °C / 55.4 °F
Avg Coldest temperature -6 °C / 21.2 °F
Cloud Cover 63%
Avg Humidity 76%
Avg Wind speed 22 km/h
February is the coldest month in Paris with daily low temperatures around 2°C, while the daily highs are around 8°C. Even so, the daily high temperature increases as the month progress and reaches average 9°C in the last days of the month. Throughout February, the chances of some form of precipitation decrease. At the beginning, there is a 61% chance of some form of precipitation to occur at any given day, while at the very end of the month, that number is reduced to 56%. Relative humidity is almost as high as in January ranging from 61% to 95%.

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